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Parents! Are you finding it difficult to teach your child with Autism?

Introducing AutiSpark - A Specially Designed Program for Kids with Autism

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What is AutiSpark?

It is not just another kids app - it is a program especially made for kids with autism and special needs. It is not a replacement to special educators and therapists - though it helps parents, special educators and therapists to teach kids in a better way. Along with the app, you also get tons of worksheets on AutiSpark.com, which are made to match the curriculum of the app.

Created Under the Guidance of Experts

Games to Develop Essential Skills

A Complete Library of Worksheets

Engaging Content
for Kids with Autism

"Quite Impressive"

The app developed by AutiSpark for children with ASD is quite impressive in terms of concept, colour, content and graphics. The children with whom I am working, find the app very useful and they were interested to repeat the activities shown in the app. The parents of children with ASD expressed their happiness with regard to the app, they said that children are finding it interesting to learn the activities demonstrated in the app, children are imitating some actions too.

Rajesh Ramachandran 

He is an award-winning Rehabilitation Officer who is a M. Ed in Special Education. He is currently working for the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), Chennai, India and specializes in teaching kids with Autism and other disabilities.

4 Ways AutiSpark Will Help Your Child


Learn with cute characters and funny animations.


Kids quickly learn from interactive games, so this will help them.


Our worksheets will complement their learning on the app.

Child Friendly

Kids can play and learn with all the games without any ads.

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140+ educational games & hundreds of worksheets are waiting for you.

Subscribe at just US $69.99/year $59.99/year.

15-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Get 1000+ Printable Worksheets for Kids

The worksheets have been designed for children who have difficulty in grasping new concepts.

Printable Library of Workbooks

 AutiSpark has hundreds of printable workbooks and worksheets across 20+ topics for your child. These educational resources can be downloaded and printed anytime from AutiSpark.com as per your child's needs and progress.

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140+ educational games & hundreds of worksheets are waiting for you.

Subscribe at just US $69.99/year $59.99/year.

15-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied for any reason.

140+ Learning Games in 10+ Categories

(Many More Games Coming Soon)

These games are specially made by considering the various needs of kids on the autism spectrum, with the help and guidance of therapists. These games are created while keeping the fundamental concepts in mind to help kids learn the basic skills needed on a daily basis.

Matching Games

The ability to understand and recognize different objects will help children to develop the sense of logic.

Flash Cards

Visual learning is very important for kids with autism. Flash Cards will help children to learn new words and increase their knowledge.

Patterns & Sequence

For kids with special needs, it's essential to teach them repetition of one pattern and then move on to completion. Repetitive practice helps kids to learn concepts quickly.

Tracing Games

Writing is an important skill that every young child needs to master. Learn to trace patterns, letters and more.


Puzzles help the children to improve problem-solving skills, mental speed and thought process.

Sorting Games

Teach kids to identify the similarities and differences easily. Kids will learn to categorize and organize different objects.

Memory Games

Kids will sharpen their memory and cognitive skills by playing fun and educational memory games. There are different levels of difficulty to suit the child's needs.

Letter Games

The letters of the alphabet form the building blocks for your child. With AutiSpark, kids can learn to recognize the letters by playing fun and engaging games.

Math Games

AutiSpark makes math fun with specially designed games which are easy to understand and play. Children will learn math concepts in an easy way.

First Words

It can be challenging to teach reading skills to children with autism. Our early reading comprehension focuses on recognizing letters, letter combinations & words.

Yes or No Games

Negative sentences are often difficult to teach kids with autism. The games in the app will help your child to develop this early language skill to identify what is not to be selected.

Coloring Games

Identifying colors is crucial for early brain development of your child. AutiSpark has coloring games to enhance their creativity.

Eye Direction

Children with autism respond better to visual cues. These games will help them to understand the directions and pick the objects by looking at the eyes.

Picture Identification

There are friendly scenes in the app from which the child has to identify common objects. This will increase picture recognition skills. 

Watch & Learn Stories

Kids with ASD can improve social skills and communication through simple stories. AutiSpark will have many stories to help kids learn about social interaction and appropriate behavior.

Coming Soon: Stories to Watch & Learn From

In October, AutiSpark will have a dedicated section of stories to develop your child's social skills. Check out this sample short story which is made for kids to learn and understand the importance of wearing a mask. Kids can watch and learn important topics with such stories easily.

"Highly Recommended"

We usually say NO for the gadgets but when it comes to AUTISPARK App, it is highly recommended. This app teaches the concept in a very fun and colourful way where your kids never hesitate to use the app and learn concepts on the go.  

Vishnu Priya S.  

An experienced occupational therapist who has been guiding us all the way for AutiSpark games and worksheets. She is a MS in Occupational Therapy from Coventry University, United Kingdom.

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