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AutiSpark is a complete learning program
for kids with autism

Created with the help of experts

An app created with the help of experts

Well-researched games & activities

Well-researched games, stories and activities

Learning with Fun

Library of educational worksheets and workbooks

Designed to engage kids with autism

Designed to engage kids with autism

AutiSpark : Award Winning App

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Autism Friendly Games That Kids Love

  • Tracing Letters & Numbers
  • Colors & Shapes
  • Basic Math
  • Spelling
  • Picture Identification
  • Coloring Within Lines
  • Sorting
  • Flash Cards
  • Animals
  • Counting
  • Social Stories
  • Puzzles
  • Reading
  • Memory Games
  • New Words

  • Circle By Two Qualities
  • Circle The Same Pictures
  • Lowercase Alphabet Matching
  • Uppercase Alphabet Matching
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Matching
  • Match By Class
  • Match By Feature
  • Match By Function
  • Match Related Pictures
  • Match The Patterns
  • Sort By Adjectives
  • Sort By Characteristics
  • Sort By Class
  • Sort By Feature
  • Sort By Objects

"Quite Impressive"

The app developed by AutiSpark for children with ASD is quite impressive in terms of concept, colour, content and graphics. The children with whom I am working, find the app very useful and they were interested to repeat the activities shown in the app. The parents of children with ASD expressed their happiness with regard to the app, they said that children are finding it interesting to learn the activities demonstrated in the app, children are imitating some actions too.

Special educator feedback 1


He is an award-winning Rehabilitation Officer who is a M. Ed in Special Education. He is currently working for the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), Chennai, India and specializes in teaching kids with Autism and other disabilities.

Inspire Your Child To Learn with Engaging Games

Grasp Essential Concepts

AutiSpark has gamified the concepts of matching, sequencing, sorting, new words and more. These games are created while keeping the fundamental concepts in mind to help kids learn the basic skills needed on a daily basis.

Error-less Teaching Format

It follows an error-less teaching format, which means that every time your child selects the wrong answer, it becomes non-tappable.

Adapt Life Skills

AutiSpark also has games to teach essential life skills to kids with a very detailed step by step approach. For example, to teach how to brush teeth, your child will have to follow the step by step process like like pick up the brush, turn on the tap, wash the brush and so on.

What Makes AutiSpark The Perfect Choice?

Suitable for children with ASD

All the games in the app are created under the guidance of therapists, keeping in mind every child's special needs.

From the makers of KidloLand

AutiSpark is designed by the makers of the award-winning, popular kids educational app - KidloLand.

Specially designed games and activities

Kids on the spectrum are usually visual learners. Hence, the games are made with attention to detail.

Ensures child's focus and attention

There are colorful graphics and interactive animations to make sure your child has endless learning with fun.

Unlimited Learning with Fun & Engaging Games

Get AutiSpark on Multiple Devices

Most apps give you access on only one or two devices. With AutiSpark, you’ll be able to install it on up to 4 devices. AutiSpark is available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices.

Access Hundreds of Worksheets

Along with the app, AutiSpark has a library of hundreds of worksheets and workbooks across 20+ topics for your child. These educational resources can be downloaded and printed anytime from as per your child's needs and progress.

How Are These Games Different?

These games are specially made by considering the various needs of kids on the autism spectrum, with the help and guidance of therapists. It includes positive reinforcement that kids need to learn and remember. These games are created while keeping the fundamental concepts in mind to help kids learn the basic skills needed on a daily basis.

Matching Games

Matching Games

The ability to understand and recognize different objects will help children to develop the sense of logic.

Matching Games

Flash Cards

Visual learning is very important for kids with autism. Flash Cards will help children to improve their knowledge and the ability to understand.

Matching Games

Patterns & Sequence

For kids with special needs, it is essential to teach them repetition of one pattern and then move on to completion. Repetitive practice will help kids to learn important concepts quickly.

Tracing Games

Tracing Games

Writing is an important skill that every young child needs to master. Learn to write uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.



Puzzle games will help children to improve problem-solving skills, mental speed and thought process.

Sorting Games

Sorting Games

Teach kids to identify the similarities and differences easily. Kids will learn to categorize and organize different objects.

Memory Games

Memory Games

Kids will sharpen their memory and cognitive skills by playing fun and educational memory games. There will be different levels of difficulty to suit the child's needs.

Words & Spellings

Words & Spellings

It can be challenging to teach reading skills to children with autism. Our early reading comprehension focuses on recognizing letters, letter combinations & words.

Basic Math Skills

Basic Math Skills

AutiSpark will make math fun with specially designed games which are easy to understand and play. Children will learn math concepts in an easy way.

Memory Games

Coloring Games

Identifying colors is crucial for early brain development of your child. AutiSpark has coloring games to enhance their creativity. Kids will also learn words and numbers by coloring.

Words & Spellings

Eye Direction

Children with autism respond better to visual cues. These games will help them to understand the directions and pick the objects by looking at the eyes.

Words & Spellings

Alphabet Games

The letters of the alphabet form the building blocks for your child. With AutiSpark, kids will learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet by playing fun and engaging games.

Basic Math Skills

Negation Concept

Negative sentences are often difficult to teach kids with autism. The games in the app will help your child to develop this early language skill to identify what is not to be selected.

Social Stories

Social Stories

Kids with ASD can improve social skills and communication through simple stories. AutiSpark will have many stories to help kids learn about social interaction and appropriate behavior.

Basic Math Skills

Daily Living Activities

AutiSpark will have stories to teach daily living activities like potty training and brushing with a very detailed step by step approach. For example, to teach how to brush teeth, there will be multiple steps like pick up the brush, turn on the tap and so on.

"Highly Recommended"

We usually say NO for the gadgets but when it comes to AUTISPARK App, it is highly recommended. This app teaches the concept in a very fun and colourful way where your kids never hesitate to use the app and learn concepts on the go.

Special educator feedback


An experienced occupational therapist who has been guiding us all the way for AutiSpark games and worksheets. She is an M. Sc. in Occupational Therapy from Coventry University, United Kingdom.

Autispark App for Autistic kids

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Get Access to 200+ Educational Games

Download 1000+ Worksheets and Workbooks

Unlimited access to all new upcoming content

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