Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism The pattern copying activity is one of the essential activities that can be thought to the children in the form of play or using worksheets or both. The activity of pattern copying helps the child to learn how to create order, make predictions and analyze information and sequencing. […]

Teach Grooming and Hygiene to Kids with Autism

Teach Grooming and Hygiene to Kids with Autism

HOW TO TEACH GROOMING AND HYGIENE FOR THE CHILD? Grooming and hygiene are mostly not considered by most of us because we do everything for them as they are being children. But after they grow up? Obviously, they should be able to do independently. Therefore, along with other goals these skills has to considered and […]

Oral Hygiene for Kids with Autism

Oral Hygiene for Kids with Autism

How to teach brushing skills & maintain proper oral hygiene? We need to give special consideration to maintaining oral hygiene in kids with autism, which might be a challenging one, especially when the kid has oral sensitivity. Many kids have oral sensitivity therefore, For kids with oral sensitivity, a detailed sensory assessment has to be […]

Following Directions & Commands – Activity for Kids with Autism

following directing

Following directions and make the child learn and follow commands are the important skills in order to accomplish various tasks, for instance, activities of daily living (ADL), academic tasks, etc., and to accommodate or get adapted to different environments like school, home, restaurants, parks, religious places, etc. This has to be taught in a step […]

Gardening Therapy for Children with Autism

Gardening Therapy for Children with Autism

Planting Activities – Autism Gardening Therapy Gardening Therapy & Activity Gardening therapy & activity is one of the great therapeutic activities for children with autism as it involves physical skills, fine motor skills, and creativity as well. For example, digging, weeding, watering contributes to strengthening motor skills. Whereas seeding, cutting leaves and flowers, or plucking […]

10 Water Activities for Autistic Kids

Water Activities for Autistic Kids

Finding hard to engage children in activities? The easiest and fun way to engage autistic children is by providing water activities. These water activities for autistic kids help to build rapport between the child and the therapist or caregiver, it improves social skills, motor skills, and cognitive-perceptual skills and in addition, it satisfies sensory needs. […]

In-Hand Manipulation activities for Children with Autism

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IN-HAND MANIPULATION ACTIVITIES The ability to hold and manipulate an object within the hand is called In-hand Manipulation. In-hand Manipulation activities for children with Autism is an essential component of fine motor skills. In-hand manipulation activities for children with Autism consists of three fine movements namely, ✏️Translation ✏️Rotation ✏️Shift Kids usually develop the translation skill […]

How to Reduce Spitting in Kids with Autism

How to reduce spitting in kids with autism

Spitting behavior in children could be frustrating for the parents to deal with. Some children spit just for fun or to gain attention, while others spit to express their emotions like anger or dislikes and some children exhibit the behavior due to sensory needs. Children with autism tend to have this kind of behavior, as […]


Spot the difference activity is a fun game, where we look at the two similar pictures/images and find the number of minor differences between the two pictures. This game will improve the child’s cognitive and perceptual skills. How to perform the activity? Step 1: Start by choosing a picture with a less number of differences. Step […]

20 Fun Bathtub Activities For Kids With Autism

As a parent, bathing a child with autism seems to be quite challenging and worrisome as various factors pop-up to interfere with this activity, like,   Shifting a child to the bathroom itself might be frustrating for the parent. The tap water sound may be disturbing for the kid. The temperature of the water seems […]