Complete the Mazes Workbook – Trace the Lines

The workbook will aid the special needs child to learn how to write faster. It has all the letters of the alphabets printed on the sheets. The letters have to be traced by the child to get used to writing in general, as well as the alphabet. The tracing will help them to get used to their hand to facilitate writing. The tracing in the book is only for capital letters. The workbook has 10 sheets, and each sheet has four letters printed on it to trace. Each letter can be traced four times in the workbook. The alphabets are arranged in the correct chronological order so that while tracing, they will also remember and revise the alphabets. The workbook has the letter to be traced in bold and in the square, and the right side is covered with the tracing lines of the letter. The sheets have included the alphabets till ‘N’ twice so that they can practice it twice.

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