Monthly Archives: August 2020

Ideas to Create Sensory Room for Kids with Autism

Sensory rooms are essential for kids with ASD. The advantages of having a sensory room or sensory plan at home are: The child will receive sensory input at times of their need. The child will be able to gain sensory tolerance. Enhance exploration. Improves child’s gross motor and fine motor skills. Child’s cognitive and perceptual […]

Finger Strengthening Activities for Kids with Autism

Finger Strengthening is an important and essential skill to focus on because this is required to perform activities of daily living (ADL). More the strength, good is the endurance to complete any task effectively whereas poor strength leads to slow development. Nowadays, children do not have adequate strength in their hands and fingers because they […]

Upper Arm Strengthening Activities for Kids with Autism

Stabilizing and strengthening the upper arm is essential to improve coordination, maintain good body posture and to develop fine motor skills. The activities which strengthen the upper arm also helps to reduce hyper activeness, stress, stereotypical behavior and improves cognitive skills as well. Let’s see 20 fun and effective activities to strengthen the upper arm […]