Balance Board Activities for Kids

Balance Board is an unstable board placed on the floor for children to perform activities. Balance board helps to improve,

  • Balance.
  • Coordination.
  • Muscle tone.
  • Proprioceptive awareness.

It provides a safe vestibular stimulation for the children who are either sensitive to vestibular input or who seeks for the input.

Children can be positioned in three different ways to perform the activity on the balance board depending on their needs and/or ability:

  1. Standing on the balance board.
  2. Squatting position.
  3. Cross-leg sitting position.

1. Ball Activity:

  • Simply make the child stand (or squat or sit) on the balance board and perform ball throw and catch activity.
  • Keep a basket at an appropriate distance from the balance board. The child can be positioned in any of the three ways and ask the child to aim and throw the balls into the basket.
  • Similarly, colored baskets are placed and the child is provided with colored balls. Now, ask the child to throw the colored balls into the respective baskets.
  • The child is asked to tap a suspended ball either with hand or bat while balancing on the balance board.

2. Stacking Rings:

  • In any of the preferred positions on the balance board, the child is asked to aim and throw each ring over the ring stand.
  • The child is positioned in cross-leg sitting, the rings are placed on one side and the ring stand on the other side. The child is asked to sway towards the ring side to pick one ring and sway to the other end to stack the ring in the ring stand. This is repeated for the rest of the rings. For the next turn, the position of the rings and the ring stand is changed and the same is performed again.

3. Blackboard Activity:

  • Using any one of the three positions, the child is made to draw lines on the blackboard, from one end to the other end (make sure the measurement of the blackboard should be at a desirable length for the child).
  • Same way coloring the shapes drawn on the blackboard can be encouraged.

4. Tapping Activity:

  • The child, who is on the balance board (in any of the preferred position), is asked to clap the blown balloon.
  • The child is asked to tap the balloon while balancing on the balance board.

5. Wall Activity:

  • The child is made to stick colorful stickers over the points or marks made on the wall.
  • Colorful ribbons are stuck randomly on the wall and the child, on the balance board, is asked to pluck each ribbon from the wall.

Points to remember:

  • Always stay by the side while the child is on the balance board.
  • If dizziness or any unusual sign is noted stop the activity.
  • If the child is afraid of the balance board, start from sitting position and gradually bring the child to a standing position.
  • Initially try to make the child balance on the balance board without implementing any activity.
  • Duration of any activity on the balance board can be between 10 – 15 mins.  

Do you know any other interesting activities to perform on balance board? If yes, don’t forget to share with everyone below! 🙂

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