Upper Arm Strengthening Activities for Kids with Autism

Stabilizing and strengthening the upper arm is essential to improve coordination, maintain good body posture and to develop fine motor skills. The activities which strengthen the upper arm also helps to reduce hyper activeness, stress, stereotypical behavior and improves cognitive skills as well. Let’s see 20 fun and effective activities to strengthen the upper arm […]

Easy Vestibular Activities for Kids with Autism

WHAT IS VESTIBULAR SENSATION? The Vestibular system is part of our inner ear responsible for sending information about movement, space and gravity to our brain, which in turn helps the individual to maintain balance, coordination and detects changes in the body position as well.For children, both the vestibular and proprioceptive sensations are essential which enables […]

How to Teach More and Less Concept to Kids with Autism

Teaching children with more and less concept is essential to compare the number of objects and identify which is more and/or less. For children with autism, more and less concept can be taught using toys, attractive objects, fruits, vegetables, etc. rather than only with words. Research supports the fact that children with autism learn better […]