Group Activities for Kids with Autism

Generally, we include fun activities in children’s daily routine for their physical and mental development. Group activity is one among them which specifically addresses social skills. Prerequisites: Before we form a group there are certain points to be considered for the child to participate actively throughout the group session. Let the child know in advance […]

Teaching Sight Words to Kids with Autism

Sight words are simple and basic words to learn which helps in fluent reading.Few examples of sight words are as follows: a before drink first have as can eat full here all clean end going I be come fall good is below do far he it Let’s see some of the ways the child can […]

Ideas to Create a Sensory Box for Kids with Autism

Ideas to create sensory box for kids with autism

A sensory box or bin is nothing but a large box where necessary sensory materials are filled according to the child’s need or to put in simple words, the sensory box is a container where your kid’s favorite items are stocked inside. Children will use them to play, learn and also to relax at times […]


Calming activities to prevent meltdown at home

What is a Meltdown? Meltdown can be termed as a condition that is expressed in the form of behavior by the child with autism. As a parent, it may be worrisome but this is considered as one of the ways the child responds to the stressors. Meltdown takes place when a child is overwhelmed by […]


Why w-sitting should be avoided

What is W- sitting? W-sitting is a position where the child sits on their bottom by bending their knees and their legs are turned out of their body. When this position is viewed from up, their legs will be displayed in the shape of the letter W, in which their knees may be close together […]

Sensory Play Activities & Ideas for Kids with Autism

Sensory play or craft is effective for children with sensory integration difficulties. It helps to connect pathways in the brain that are responsible for processing the senses. Let’s list out the benefits of doing the sensory craft: It helps to develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Improves bilateral coordination skills. Cognitive and perceptual skills […]

Ideas to Create Sensory Room for Kids with Autism

Sensory rooms are essential for kids with ASD. The advantages of having a sensory room or sensory plan at home are: The child will receive sensory input at times of their need. The child will be able to gain sensory tolerance. Enhance exploration. Improves child’s gross motor and fine motor skills. Child’s cognitive and perceptual […]

Finger Strengthening Activities for Kids with Autism

Finger Strengthening is an important and essential skill to focus on because this is required to perform activities of daily living (ADL). More the strength, good is the endurance to complete any task effectively whereas poor strength leads to slow development. Nowadays, children do not have adequate strength in their hands and fingers because they […]