Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

The pattern copying activity is one of the essential activities that can be thought to the children in the form of play or using worksheets or both.

The activity of pattern copying helps the child to learn how to create order, make predictions and analyze information and sequencing. Overall this particular activity helps to improve visual-spatial perception.

Let’s get into some simple activities that help children to learn and practice pattern.

  1. Beads

We have been using beads to learn many activities and again our friendly beads is going to help us teach pattern copying.

Choose either colour or shapes or size as a theme.

In the beginning let’s start with an AB pattern, meaning, copying a simple pattern using only two different colours or size or shapes.

For instance,

In a string insert red, yellow and red, yellow beads only. In a box fill with at least 10 nos of red beads and 10 nos of yellow beads. Provide the string to the child and explain the colour pattern laid over the string as an example. Now ask the child to follow the pattern and pick red followed by yellow. Verbal prompting should be provided until the child is able to learn the concept.

Repeat the activity with the same colours next time and try to gradually reduce verbal prompting.

If the child mastered the red, yellow pattern switch over to other two different colours like green and pink.


Try to increase the number of each colour, for instance, two red-one yellow, two red-one yellow, etc.

The same can be carried for shape and size themes as well.

Once the child has mastered the AB pattern gradually teach ABC pattern, for example, Circle-square-triangle, Circle-square-triangle…

  1. Movements
Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

As a part of warm-up activities, the child is asked to copy and repeat two movements and once mastered gradually increase the number of movements and create a pattern, the child has to perform these movements in sequence.

For instance, Jump-clap, jump-clap and later on jump-clap-bend down, jump-clap-bend down, so on…

  1. Play music
Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

We do not need many expensive instruments to perform this pattern copying activity. To make it simple let’s start with xylophone and mini play drums. Now let’s make the child hit the xylophone two times and on drums one time. Gradually increase the number of hits on each instrument. If possible try to add another simple instrument and create a simple pattern where the output will be in a form of music.

  1. Lego or building blocks
Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

On a lego board or with building blocks create a simple pattern. For example, red-green-white, red-green-white, etc., either in a horizontal line or vertical line. Now ask the child to copy the same. Gradually make a complex pattern for the child and assist him/her to perform.

  1. Worksheets
Pattern Copying Activities for Kids with Autism

Plenty of pattern copying worksheets are available online to download. With these worksheets, children can perform the pattern activity either using stickers or in the form of coloring or finding the missing pattern.

Try Autispark pattern worksheets here -->> Pattern Worksheets

Have fun with your kids…

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