Spot the difference activity is a fun game, where we look at the two similar pictures/images and find the number of minor differences between the two pictures.

This game will improve the child’s cognitive and perceptual skills.

How to perform the activity?

Step 1: Start by choosing a picture with a less number of differences.

Step 2: Choose a clear and big picture.

For example:

Step 3:
 Identify and name the objects in the picture. Here, in this instance, this picture has a squirrel and a nut in its hand.

Step 4: Now explain to the child that we are going to find three differences by comparing the two pictures.

Step 5: Take a view at each part of the squirrel from above.

  • Ears are the same in both pictures.
  • Eyebrows are the same.
  • Eyes are different – now circle and number them as 1.
  • Slowly move on to the nose, which is same on both the pictures.
  • The mouth of the squirrels is the same.
  • Nuts are different – circle and label it as 2.
  • The bellies are different – label it as 3.  

Step 6: Don’t stop as soon as the three differences are found. Continue to compare the rest of the parts namely, tail and foot of the squirrel. As this will help when the activity is graded to the higher levels.

Step 7: Keep practicing with the same picture, but not more than three times.

Step 8: Take another picture to spot three differences.

Step 9: Once the child understands the concept, gradually choose a picture to spot 4 – 5 differences and so on.

NOTE: The worksheet for this activity is available free online for download.

This might be frustrating for some children, as this activity requires more concentration and sitting tolerance but do not worry, introduce spot the difference activity amid other fine motor activity for a better outcome.

Have a productive time with your kid.

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