Teaching Sight Words to Kids with Autism

Sight words are simple and basic words to learn which helps in fluent reading.
Few examples of sight words are as follows:


Let’s see some of the ways the child can be taught with the sight words.

  1. Using two-piece puzzles, the child is made to match the words.

This can be done either as a table-top activity or can be implemented as goal-oriented gross motor activity.

  1. Using worksheets where the child is made to identify the given word from the choices of words provided.

Once the child masters the above concept, make the child pick the shown word from a basket of sight words.

  1. Prepare a chart of simple mono-syllable and bi-syllable sight words (initially and can be gradually upgraded after mastering them) and paste it on the wall. These words are then taught on the go.
    Similarly, a chart is prepared to teach functional sight words like the items in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, calendar reading can also be implemented.
  1. With the use of storybooks, where a simple sentence describes a prominent picture like

From the above, the sight words alone are listed near the picture and are taught to the child.
Also by referring to the list, the child is made to pick these words from a basket filled with sight words.

  1. In a multisensory way, teaching sight words are very effective.
    For instance, the child is made to copy a sight word and reproduce by arranging the wooden or plastic letters.

In this way, the child can touch and feel the letters to form a word.

  1. Painting the letters of the word can also be done. Use different colors for each letter, for example for the word HOUSE – green for H, red for O, blue for U, yellow for S and pink for E.

Have fun teaching sight words for your kid in a creative way.

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  1. Komala says:

    Thanks a lot for the sight words and some easy words for kids understand….
    Please send some worksheets for this.. Thank you..

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